Why People Are Switching to Artificial Grass

There was once a time in this country where the thought of having fake grass for a lawn was seen as tacky, at best. Some people attempted it, but most people thought the tactic was a bad idea.

Times have certainly changed. Nowadays residential artificial grass is a trend on the upswing with more and more people jumping on board. It would seem as though artificial grass is simply an idea whose time has come.

One of the main reasons artificial grass was frowned upon was because, quite simply, it didn’t look right. The blades usually stuck straight up and were almost a neon green. No one would possible ever be fooled, not even from a distance, into thinking it was the real thing.

Another reason people are changing their minds is the recession. Frankly, no one wants to keep throwing away money every month for a small, green plant that surrounds their home. That’s money that could be used for paying bills or simply being put in the savings account.

The best part is a fake lawn can also save you time. After the first year, you’ll never understand why you spent so much time under the blazing sun cutting your lawn, aerating it and pulling weeds. Thanks to modern technology, it simply isn’t necessary to do it anymore.


Article submitted by Artificial Turf Supply. The company manufactures synthetic lawns and then sells it wholesale through the internet for residential, playground, commercial and athletic purposes.