Why it’s Important to Verify Materials Used in Construction

Why it’s Important to Verify Materials Used in Construction

In the rush to complete a project on time, it’s easy to let things slip or to try and cut corners. If the result is harmless, like giving overtime early and paying fewer hours as the project progresses, then you’re in the green. However, materials are one area that you should never try and short yourself on. Poor practices in material acquisitions will have consequences for you in the long term, whether you are the project manager or the building owner.


One great example is steel. Steel is one of a few cornerstones in modern commercial construction, and high quality steel can withstand a lifetime of use and abuse while remaining resilient. High quality steel is mixed with different alloys that enhance the strength, but lower quality materials substitute these alloys for cheaper materials. The result is greater wear over a shorter time. Some contractors will employ a steel fabrication expert to analyze the steel and see if it is of the quality requested. They may also assist in investigations or mediations, where legal disputes arise over how materials are used.

Eco Friendly Materials

Before a project can begin, all costs must be approved by building owners. Energy consumption should be a factor in determining those costs. Owners should consider construction consulting to help recommend methods to reduce long term costs, like using windows strategically throughout the building or designing vents a certain way to promote easier air flow. Solar is another revolution that has begun to affect commercial construction.


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