What is a Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover is a cloth encasement designed to fit a very large quilt. The quilt, or duvet, is stuffed with a filler to keep you warm. A duvet may also be called a duvet insert, and covers for duvets usually come with a zipper, buttons, or snaps to prevent the insert from slipping out. Since a duvet is typically white, a colorful duvet cover is perfect for brightening up your bedroom and keeping your duvet clean and protected.

A duvet is not meant to be placed on a bed without a case to protect it; attractive duvet covers can be purchased. Some may be embellished with embroidery while others may be adorned with elegant puckered fabric. You can also find plain covers, and covers that come in floral prints, stripes, or plaids. With the color of your bedroom walls in mind, you may want to buy a duvet cover in a contrasting color, or in a color that matches your bedroom’s décor. Covers for children’s duvets are available too. Most covers for duvets come with matching pillow shams.

You can find duvet covers at any store that sells bedding, but you’re likely to find a wider selection and sizes you need at online bedding stores. These stores make it easy to order because everything is shipped directly to you. If you are an advocate of eco-friendly products, shop for a cover that is organic. If you have allergies, look for one that is hypoallergenic. Buy a few different styles if you want to change the look of your bedroom frequently.

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