Underfloor Heating and Other Tips for Winter

Winter can be a brutal time of year for your power or gas bill. Depending on the heating system of your home, and the severity of the weather around you, you might run up your bill year round between summer and winter. Fortunately, not every method of heating your home involves cranking up the gas burner. Underfloor heating, proper insulation and stopping heat loss all help incrementally by keeping warm air in the home.

Cover Drafts

The winter is a good time to spot drafts in the home. Walk your floor plan and feel around for cold spots. These are dead giveaways that there is a gap in the wall, and some sealing caulk can easily fix the problem. Check windows, moulding and corners of the home. There may also be gaps in the wall beneath sinks, where pipes go into walls.


No one likes getting up on those wintery mornings and planting bare feet on the ground, when the cold feeling shoots straight up your legs. Throw rugs can help dampen some of that shock with a plush rug for your feet. Electric floor heating can also warm rugs and hardwood with radiant heat that is inexpensive over time. Some installations are easy to perform too.


Maintaining your water heater and air ducts can be a boon for your home’s heating system. Up to 25% of the costs of heating your home can be attributed to heating water from your home, a simple adjustment to that temperature will ensure your heater lasts longer and costs less to operate. Ducts should be sealed and vents should be opened or closed depending on whether you’re using the system.

Avoid Heat Loss

One of the biggest culprits in heat loss is a fireplace. If your home has one, be sure that the damper is closed so warm air that rises does not escape. Try to keep a window open nearby when you do use the fireplace, but open it only for an inch or so. Be sure to keep doors in the room with the fire closed so the air doesn’t circulate and take warmth from the space.

Use Sunlight

Throughout winter, sunlight can be an effective means of naturally heating your home. Double pane windows allow you to open the curtains and let sunlight through, without your warmth escaping from the sill. You’ll also save power on your lighting bill!


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