Tips to Preventing a Messy Closet

Closet_System_Center_IslandSummary: Small additions and changes can make a huge difference in your closet.

You’ve read the many “DIY closet systems” articles on the Internet and have created a masterpiece. Your clothes are ready to be hung and you happily prepare to start loading them into your closet. But wait, before you start piling your clothes into all that space, here are some tips that you can apply to keep a happy and organized closet.

Keep your empty hangars separated from your hung clothes. Keeping your closet neat and clean just got easier. You won’t believe how easy it’ll be for you to hang up your clothes without having to worry about every other hangar being empty. Your closet shelf organizer will thank you.

Storage baskets are great for clothing like pajamas or gym wear. Just roll them up, tuck them in, and scoot it back into its space. Most of these baskets won’t cost you a fortune and will provide a neater environment for you to work with.

Try designating a certain area purely for your ironing board and iron. Some closet organizing systems have wide spaces that can be easily turned into an ironing storage center for easy and convenient access.

Keep a sewing kit or sewing machine stored in case of tears or rips. Purchasing extra shirt buttons and keeping them in a small container will ensure that you stay prepared for those unexpected moments.

Stain removing pens or cans should be stored close to your hamper so you can easily access it before your wash.

Keep your dress shoes separated from your athletic and casual shoes. If your organizer allows it, place them underneath or on the side of your blazers and suits. This improves on the aesthetics surrounding your closet.


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