Things to Consider When Crafting a Pet Bed

Summary: Rather than purchasing a dog bed you can simply make your own.


There are a number of different kinds of mattresses humans have to choose from when purchasing a new bed. Depending on their bedrooms, preferences, and health needs, they might need to be specific with the size and materials. Similarly, you may be aware of your dog’s sleeping habits and realize she might need a specific kind of bed. Shopping for a new pet bed that fits your dog well could be time-consuming and potentially expensive.


However, if you know what kind of bed you would like to build for your dog, you can purchase tools and materials to craft the perfect bed your dog will surely enjoy.


The Proper Cushions


Some humans enjoy very flexible and cushiony beds, while others prefer firmer mattresses that provide more spinal support. Your dog might prefer a specific level of cushion or might need a specific material if she has a medical condition that requires it. The Foam Factory and other online vendors offer a wide variety of different materials with different levels of firmness.


In addition to knowing what kind of material to make the bed out of, you will also need to decide on a shape to make the bed into. Some dogs prefer large, open beds that they can really spread out on. Others prefer smaller ones they can get cozy on and rest their heads on the side of. You will likely need to cut and shape the materials in a way you see fit.


Durable Materials


Another thing to keep in mind when crafting a bed for your dog is durability. Dogs run around, get dirty, scratch surfaces up with their nails, and sometimes shed. When designing the foam seat for your dog’s new bed, opt for outer materials that are durable and can survive rough conditions.