Revitalize the old couch

The Foam Factory

Old couches are not good for the body. You might start to notice pains in the arms, back and neck when sitting down for a long time on your sofa. This is because the old couch is procuring a slouched posture to your body. In order to determine whether your sofa is ergonomical, you might take a simple test. Check whether your knees are aligned at the same height as your hips when your are seated. The armrests of the couch should also not be too low in order to ensure proper support of the arms.

A quick and short term solution to this issue might be to make use of sofa seat cushions when seated. A cushion might be placed underneath the arms when in a seated posture in order to ensure that the spinal cord is well aligned and that the lumbar curve at the lower back is fully supported. A cushion can also maintain your knees in a flexed position. This will provide adequate support to the legs and avoid any strains.

Another solution would be to opt for a sofa foam replacement  project. You might choose to carry out this foam replacement as a DIY project. This will enable you to keep using your old couch while at the same time revitalizing it to make it last longer. Some foam companies offer the possibility of buying custom-cut foam for your project.

The Foam Factory has specialized in the foam marketing and manufacturing industry. They provide solutions for different projects such as couch cushions replacement.