Parisian Doors

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It’s the city of lights, city of love, city of fashion, and the city of beautiful doors.  Not surprisingly, there’s similar architectural to older buildings in New York City, which echoes the immigration culture, which brought over languages, people, and their architecture.  While New York City is more Italian than French, Montreal is a perfect example of French culture infiltrating North America.  The doors of Montreal will be covered in a future blog. Here’s a brief history of the famed Paris architecture with an emphasis on doors:

According to travel expert’s, Frommers, France was Rome’s first transalpine conquest, which transformed the country from a heavily Celtic influence to the Roman Gaul style, then Romanticism, Gothic, and Neo-Classic.  The remnants of each period can still be found within city limits, in both museums and neighborhoods.   Whether it’s colored doors, iron doors, or well-preserved Old World doors, Paris is the City of Lights and the City of Beautiful Doors.

Color Doors

Green, red, and blue are relatively common door colors seen in Paris, in fact, there’s an entire Pinterest page dedicated the Parisian doors.  As the City of Lights, the color selection for doors is an important consideration.  A dim entryway may sway visitors to another more welcoming entryway, using a lighter door color complements the day and evening lighting of the city. To see examples of beautifully painted doors in Paris, check out Pinterest and search for ‘Doors of Paris’ and ‘Paris Doors’.  Both pages have gorgeous door examples taken by everyday travelers.

Iron Doors

Wrought iron is a popular screen included as a precursor to accessing the main front door.  Much like the doors in the U.S., iron doors are functional additions to a home, operating as a security guard, air freshener, and fashionable fixture.

Shop Doors/Store Fronts

Many Parisians shop for groceries on a daily basis, ensuring the freshest fruit, bread and meat possible.  As a result, the shop owners take special care to ensure the shopping experience is a positive one.  This experience starts with a beautiful entryway.  While many American companies are adopting a glass door entry, with the exception of shops on Champs D’Elysees, which is tantamount to New York’s Time’s Square area,  Parisian shop owners throughout the Parisian neighborhoods seem keen to maintain the Old World charm of wooden and iron doors.

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