Luxury Bedding Sets 101

Written by Stephanie Lichtenstein Ramos

In an effort to save money, many consumers end up buying low-quality bedding. However, low-quality sheets, duvet covers, and comforters get worn out and faded must faster than high-quality or luxury bedding sets. But buying luxury bedding is easier said than done. How do you know which materials are considered high-quality?

When it comes to bedding, there are many levels of quality on the market. Even within the same type of fabric, such as cotton, one has the choice of buying 100 percent cotton or a cheaper material mixed with cotton. What’s more, how do you wash and dry luxury bedding without destroying it? Learning how to buy and take care of luxury bedding sets will ensure that you make the right investment and keep it around for years to come. BeddingStyle offers the following tips on how to buy and take care of luxury bedding sets.

Fabric Matters

When on the hunt for high-quality sheets and bedding, fabric makes a big difference. High-quality fabric feels soft to the touch and lasts longer than low-quality materials. High-quality fabrics are also more breathable than synthetic or low-quality fabrics. We recommend cotton, linen, or silk sheets and bedding.

If you’re buying cotton, make sure to purchase only 100 percent cotton as opposed to cotton mixed with polyester. The best-quality sheets on the market today are made of linen, a silky soft material that becomes even softer over time. Although expensive, linen is a great investment that can be passed down from generation to generation. Another high-quality fabric for sheets is silk. All three (cotton, linen, and silk) are ideal for summer months, while only cotton should be used in the wintertime.

Pay Attention to Thread Count

Once you’ve found the fabric of your choice, it’s time to look at the thread count. A high thread count means that the sheet is of better quality and softer. We recommend buying sheets with thread counts of 200 or more. Is thread count even detectable? It depends. When you reach the 300s, you should be able to notice a difference in both the quality and softness of the sheet.

Wash and Dry Properly

When and how you wash your sheets makes a big difference. The first rule of thumb is to always check the label for proper instructions. In general, wash cotton sheets with warm water and a mild detergent without bleach. Tumble dry cotton sheets and remove when dry. If you own linen sheets, do not place them in the washing machine, especially if they have been handed down to you. Instead, hand-wash linen sheets with mild detergent and dry outside.
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