Keeping Your Climate Control In Good Order

It has been considered the next evolutionary step, adapting our environment to suit us. Whether in a home or a business, air conditioning and heating are as commonplace as owning your own vehicle. It isn’t just a luxury anymore. Instead it is an element of contemporary companies and homes. In addition, many older homes and business have been retrofitted to allow air conditioning and heating to provide the comfort that only modern climate control can provide. But as marvelous as these inventions are, we need to do our part to keep them functioning properly. For example, were you aware that an air conditioning filter needs changing on a regular basis?

By neglecting to change the filter, not only will your air conditioner run improperly, you can also damage the device by making it work harder than it needs to. If your air conditioner is running properly, then the set temperature will be achieved. However, if you begin to see your power bill become larger or your device has a problem cooling your house, a good portion of the time it is nothing more than a dirty filter that needs changing. In addition, you may find yourself feeling uncomfortable or tired in your home, only to feel better as you leave the environment. A contaminated filter can produce these ill effects. Even more so at this time, your filter probably needs changing. And yet how about the reverse equation. What if we want to heat our house. Would a Honeywell furnace filter need changing as well?

The truth is, most modern furnaces do require a filter, both for health and safety. In some ways though, neglecting to change your furnace filter can be even more dangerous to the well being of your household and home, going beyond the negative effects of neglecting to change an air conditioning filter. Without a regular servicing schedule, a blocked or dirty air filter can become a serious fire hazard. When a filter become blocked, heat and possible fumes can gather to create a very dangerous environment. And with the health and safety of those under your roof, it become very apparent that proper maintenance is essential.

By having a regularly service schedule in place, you can save quite a bit of money in repairs costs if damage were to occur. With the worst case scenario in mind, by taking proper care of our air conditioning and heating filters, we can actually prevent injury and loss of life.


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