Keep Out Deer

By Jason Governo

There are a million and one reasons why it’s great to live out in the country. One of them, for many of us, is the opportunity to occasionally see some wildlife up close and personal. A good example is seeing deer as they come visit your property.

Unfortunately, deer aren’t always a welcomed guest. These large mammals can do all kinds of damage to your property if left to their own devices. Plus, if you have large animals (i.e. dogs or if you live in a farm), deer can cause all kinds of unnecessary excitement that rile up the animals and end in damage.

There are a number of ways to keep deer out though. The easiest may be a simple fence. Unfortunately, deer can jump rather high and are very perseverant when they see something they want like food.

An electric fence may be a better option because if they so much as come in contact with it, the zap will most likely scare them off for the rest of their lives. However, the shock doesn’t have to kill them or even hurt that back. It will just give them quite the fright.

Otherwise, try using flood lights or spraying your property with the urine of predators like wolves and coyotes as this will keep them away.


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