Information about Bamboo Floors

Information about Bamboo Floors

Article Written by : Healthy Landscapes

If you’re in the market for new floors or just always considering your options, you should take a look at bamboo floors. Keep reading for more information on bamboo floors.

The first thing you’ll notice about bamboo floors is simply how different they look. While they resemble hardwood floors the most, their grain and texture is completely unique.

This will depend a lot on the type of bamboo flooring you choose, of course. Strand bamboo flooring is a variety many people like. It’s actually a composite of the byproducts from processing other bamboo. The fragments are pressure treated and heated so they synthesize. The result is bamboo flooring that has a grain which almost swirls, as opposed to going horizontal or vertical. This variety is also about 15% harder than the conventional kind, making it about the hardest flooring you can find.

Bamboo floor looks great, but it doesn’t take any over the top maintenance to keep it that way. You will want to clean it regularly, of course, it consider what goes on it just like you would with hardwood floors. It can also only be cleaned with specific chemicals made for bamboo.

There are a number of companies now operating in the states that can handle installation for you. However, there are also many options that allow you to install your bamboo floors all by yourself while still maintaining a professional look.