How to Maintain Air Conditioner Filters

Air conditioning is an amazing invention, when it works. It can be hard to enjoy cool air when your system goes out or your allergies kick in.  If you think you’re experiencing sore throats due to the air conditioning, or your device is not working the way you want it to, try troubleshooting the issue. It could be that you’re using the device incorrectly, or that the system has been fatigued from overuse. If you’re noticing respiratory problems, especially in the summer months, it’s definitely worth checking your filtration system and cleaning out your air conditioning system to improve the air quality of your home.

  1. Poor installation if your device was installed incorrectly to begin with, this can have huge impacts on air flow. Errors in installation can obstruct circulation and cause airflow to stagnate. Standing air is a bit like standing water, leave it for too long and you have problems. The solution is to carefully design the duct system to adequately circulate air to your entire home or building.
  2. Poor maintenance leads to poor air quality, and could breed mold. Mold is a system-wide problem if it appears in your air ducts, so you need to replace air conditioner filters on a regular basis. It would also benefit you to have a certified inspection performed, especially if the building is older. Check with the manufacturer of your air conditioning system for recommended maintenance.
  3. Open the vents to improve the air flow and circulate some air from the outside world. Think about a clean room, but imagine putting a sick and a healthy person in that same room. Eventually the sick person would spread germs to the healthy person because of issues with air flow. Venting that air helps maintain the cleanliness of the air in the room. Other solutions include opening your windows and running a fan.
  4. Running the system dry leads to irritation of the membrane in your throat. It’s the lack of humidty in the environment that hurts the throat and lungs. There are a few methods to fix this, for example running the system less.

Still, there are other factors that could contribute to your sore throats and allergy flare ups. An electrostatic air filter in common areas of the home will trap some of the dust molecules that may collect from your air conditioning system of the outside world. Aerosols can also affect your breathing, so cut down on your usage of these scented candles and sprays.


This guest post was written on behalf of Your Filter Connection, distributor of air filters for heating and air conditioning units. You can order a replacement Honeywell air filter at their website.