How to have a drum set at home without annoying the rest of your household

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You don’t have to be some rock star or someone wealthy to have a home that’s soundproof. If you like to play the drums, but you can’t rock out as much as you want to because your parents or even your neighbors might complain, you might want to look into soundproofing foam. If the noise is too loud, chances are your home isn’t equipped with this material. This type of foam is usually made from polyethylene or neoprene that is usually shaped in the form of an egg crate since it allows for better sound absorption at different frequencies. That’s the advantage of having sound proofing foam. You can bang your drums to your heart’s content without ever waking anyone up. High density foam sheets and soundproofing foam is actually quite easy to come by, it’s affordable, and it’s also fairly easy to install. You can install it in between your walls so you wouldn’t sacrifice the design of your home.

You can also add it to your drum room to give it that music studio feel like it was the real thing. Encase the entire room with soundproofing foam to suppress any noise you generate. This way, even if you’re banging away at your drums at 2 in the morning, nobody’s going to be calling the cops on you. What this translates to is a happy drummer, a happy family that can sleep soundly, and a happy neighbor that doesn’t have to cringe at the thought of your practicing your drum solo.


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