How to Get Healthier Sleep

Written by: Carlo Badalamenti

Healthy sleep plays an important role in our everyday lives. With healthy sleep, we are more productive and full of energy. Without it, we feel sluggish and our work suffers for it. It gets harder to find deep, healthy sleep as we get older. Sometimes, you have to seek outside help, or make some changes to the bedroom. Canada Foam by Mail presents some tips to help you fall into a deeper sleep each night.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Most of us are familiar with the idea of a night cap, or a shot of alcohol before we go to bed. We might have heard stories from grandparents about a shot of brandy before bed, or maybe it s a habit picked up from friends. Alcohol and caffeine before bed will ruin your sleep patterns. These are considered stimulants, and even though they are low-grade, they still keep your body active when it’s time for sleep. It’s a good idea to avoid all caffeinated beverages for four to six hours before you hit the hay.

Modify the Bedroom

A natural latex mattress can provide you with a lot of support and comfort while you sleep. It’s important that your bedroom be a place for relaxation, in order to encourage sleep. Mattress toppers are sometimes used to provide a bit of extra support, or softness if the mattress is too firm. Also, use black out curtains to block extra light from peering into the bedroom. You want to make sure that the sun rising doesn’t shine directly into your eyes. Some sleepers find other methods helpful too. Aromatherapy, for instance, can put one in a relaxed state. Others read before bed to try to unwind. White noise can help to block out the ambient noises that rouse us from deep sleep. Try some of these methods in combination with changes to your bedroom and see what works.


The temperature of your room can play a role, especially depending on the kind of sleeper that you are. A memory foam bed can be quite comfortable, but sleepers who over heat may have issues when summer rolls around. Bedding can also play a role. Breathable fabrics like cotton can cool down throughout the night, as body temperatures rise.

Final Thoughts

A deep sleep depends on the environment you create in the bedroom. Make some upgrades to your room, and test out different arrangements to keep sun out of the room. Sleep is important, so don’t undersell your efforts to get better sleep.