How to clean outdoor cushions

How to clean outdoor cushions

Written by Wicker Paradise

You can find cushions for outdoor furniture that easy to clean in a variety of colors and textures. These cushions use durable fabrics with acrylic fibers woven in to resist damage from the sun and other issues like mildew. Even cleaning these cushions is quite easy. Here is a basic guide on cleaning your wicker furniture cushions:


Check the cushions for cleaning or care tags. The tag should provide details of the cushion as well as the filling along with cleaning instructions. If there are no cleaning instructions, check the vendor’s website.


The easiest way to prevent bigger cleaning operations is to clean the cushions regularly. Use a brush and remove any insect or plant debris. If the cushion gets wet, place it upright to speed the drying process. Clean spills immediately, by blotting or using a cleaning solution.

Heavy stains

Ignore the cushions for any length of time, and you will end up with soiled and off-color cushions.  The best time to do a thorough clean of cushions in this state is just before winter storage. This way you have nice cushions in spring.


Use a mix of water, bleach, and liquid detergent to remove mildew or mold. Use a light solution and soak the cushions for at least 20 minutes. Air the cushions afterward and do not use until it is completely dry.


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