How locking mailboxes keep our mail safe from mail theft

How locking mailboxes keep our mail safe from mail theft

The majority of residential curbside locking mailboxes work in the same way as any unlocked curbside mailbox. Your mail is deposited through an incoming mail door or a slot. This door is not locked, which puts your mail at the risk of theft. Locking mailboxes from vendors like Go Mailboxes, provide you with a well-built locking mailbox. They can provide security for your incoming mail unlike USPS approved locking mailbox.

However, when your mail is in a secure locking mailbox, the mail is protected from any mail or identity theft. It is really important to remember that the incoming mail slot should be really small, so that no one can reach into it and take out your mail.

Moreover, secure locking Mailboxes usually feature an anti-pry mechanism such as the anti-pry latch, in order to prevent leveraged entry. This mechanism is really essential, as without it the mailbox can be easily pried open in seconds with a screwdriver or other household items.

With a locking mailbox, the homeowner removes their mail with a key by unlocking the mail-removal door and retrieving their mail. Locking mailboxes come in a wide variety of models and styles, with the key-locked door in the front, rear, or even both.

Locking mailboxes are an ideal solution to keeping your valuable mails like bill payments with account information and checks from theft. Therefore, it is recommended that you should always deposit your outgoing mail in a USPS locking mailbox or any other secure location.