Fresh Air All Year Round

Your home is your sanctuary. Whether coming from a hectic day at work or from a long day out on the golf course, nothing will beat the warmth and coziness of your home. As you take of your shoes and lay in the soft, plush sofa in the middle of your entertainment room, you expect to have nothing but the best experience to end your day. However, did you ever think that you are surrounded by millions of tiny intruders as you relax and end your day?

We didn’t think so, so this time around, be ready for them by equipping your home with a quality electrostatic furnace filter and cut them at the source, making sure that you are surrounded only by the cleanest, purest air possible. By changing out to an electrostatic furnace filter not only do you cut down on annoying dust and debris in the air, but you also cut down on harmful allergens that may cause respiratory distress and irritation. An electrostatic furnace filter works simply by using an electrostatically charged filter medium to attract the allergens in the air to help increase the efficiency of the synthetic filter media without adding bulk and restricting flow. Brands like 3M make replacement Honeywell air filter panels available for many different shapes and sizes to ensure that picking a matching filter is an easy and painless process. Be ready when they attack and keep your sanctuary safe by equipping your home with a replacement Honeywell air filter now.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection, your go-to supply for high quality residential air filter refills.