Four practical ways you can use foam inserts

Four practical ways you can use foam inserts

Foam’s soft exterior, customizability, and protective properties make it ideal for storing any type of equipment that requires a gentle touch. Foam inserts are blocks of foam that are cut specifically so certain items can fit perfectly inside them. They can be used for many things, but here are four types of equipment you might want to use foam inserts to store.

Photography equipment

If you claim photography as a hobby, you’ll know that cameras, lenses, and other related devices are both delicate and expensive. You can’t allow scratches and other types of damage to stop you from getting that perfect shot. You can even store your digital camera in anti-static foam to make sure no stray electric charges damage its inner parts.

Musical instruments

Whether you play the violin, cello, or electric guitar, keeping foam inserts in your instrument case will make sure your instrument fits snugly inside without falling out or shifting. If you’re a vocalist, it can still be a good idea to store your microphone in anti-static foam inserts.


You might be tired of your tools falling out of place inside your toolbox. Foam inserts allow you to create a customized layout for your tool storage, which ensures you know exactly where to find every wrench, screwdriver, and drill bit that you need.


Perhaps you’re a collector of rare, expensive items, such as antiques, porcelain figures, or model cars. You wouldn’t want any scratches or damage to diminish your collectibles’ value, especially if you’re planning to sell them. Foam inserts will protect them from any impacts and aesthetic damage.

The Foam Factory can help you customize and cut foam inserts into the exact shapes and sizes you need.