Four characteristics of great consultants

Four characteristics of great consultants

Written by Lyle Charles

Consultants can benefit a project by providing knowledge, experience and a professional network that a project may not possess. However, the best consultants are those that easily become part of the project and its employees. Here are some tips to look for in a great consultant.

  1. Flexibility – Consultants need to be able to adapt easily to new projects, work cultures and colleagues. Therefore, when hiring keep an eye out for good communication skills and other soft skills that are similar to what you look for when hiring your employees.
  2. Disciplined – Consultants should be problem solvers, that meet strict deadlines. It is best to look for a consultant who clearly highlights how they intend to manage your projects and how this process will help to identify and rectify problems quickly.
  3. Confidence – A natural leader will have no ego and will be able to lead by using their skills and expertise. To hire a consultant with confidence, look for references and examples of how they have worked in a team.
  4. Persistence – Look for consultants who have managed large projects and have the experience to deal with frictions, unforeseen circumstances, and negative feedback. For example, if the project has a major setback in regards to steel, the consultant should be experienced enough to recommend a steel fabrication expert who will work to rectify the problem.

There are many construction consulting services in the US that offer qualified and experienced consultants that will help a project meet its goals.

Lyle Charles is a construction expert witness for commercial construction projects across the United States.