Fire Rated Doors are Pushing Safety to a New Level

Fire-Rated-Doors-are-Pushing-Safety-to-a-New-LevelThe risk of fires is real. While you may not think it’ll ever happen within your business, it’s important that you recognize that there is always the possibility. Electrical faults, human error, and faulty circuits can lead to a single spark that can ignite your entire building on fire. It’s near impossible to contain a fire by yourself, which is why you should consider investing in fire rated doors.

The Benefits of Fire Rated Doors

In order to minimize property damage, fire rated doors are designed to withstand large amount of heat and high temperatures. In fact, prior to assembly, they are actually put through heat tests that determine the true amount of time that it can stay standing with a certain pressure and temperature. Additionally, fire rated doors are also offered in a variety of styles, so you’ll barely even notice that what you’re walking through is actually a fire rated door.

Safety Features of a Fire Rated Door

Without a doubt the most important factor in a fire rated door, there are different types that are available on the market – they range from 20 minutes to 3 hours. Meaning, that given number is the amount of time correlated with its fire resistance. Obviously if you’re working in an environment where a fire is more likely to occur and there are multiple people in a fragile state, like a home health care facility, it’s important that you try and install the highest fire resistant door that is on the market.

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