Enhance Work and Home Life with Foam Products

Enhance Work and Home Life with Foam Products

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

Foam products are useful in a variety of ways. Around the house and at work, foam can help solve a number of issues.


  1. Old mattresses can cause a lot of back and neck aches and lead to sleepless nights. Updating bedding with a natural latex mattress or memory foam mattress will ensure proper support and comfort, alleviating pressure and pain. A mattress topper made from either material can also be a great help at a lower cost.


  1. For people recovering from an injury or dealing with chronic pain, the addition of adjustable support can provide relief and allow for better rest. Eggcrate chair pads, knee pillows, and round bolsters are easy to move around to provide specified support. Round bolsters can be used in beds or chairs and are typically placed under the back, neck, or legs. Knee pillows function best while lying down and are great for those who sleep on their sides.


  1. Many people sit for long periods of time at home and at work. Refreshing old chair filling with new custom cushions is a quick and economical way to make moments of work and rest more comfortable. Round bolsters and additional chair pads can add extra support in specific areas for added ease. These are easy to transport to work and can help in desk situations that lack sufficient ergonomic design.


  1. Shipping products from work and home can be a hassle. Packaging foam from Canada is an efficient and low cost way to ensure safe shipping of fragile objects.