DIY Fixes for Your Home

There are some cost-effective fixes you can apply to your home that will instantly improve the look for potential buyers. These tips are meant for you to do yourself, and they are very inexpensive methods of remodeling without remodeling. Try some of these quick fixes around your home and then judge how much has improved. The smallest jobs in rooms like the kitchen or the bathroom can have resounding effects on the value of your home.


When you aim to repaint your home, try to use neutral colors that will compliment the space. You should have a color palette in mind, but there is no need to be as scrutinous as you were when you first painted your home. A new coat of paint revitalizes a room, and the right neutral shade is exactly what you need to make your home more appealing. Matte finishes are very nice, but they do show dirt quickly. Gloss finishes may be difficult for the new owner to paint over when the time comes.


Pulling up carpet is fairly easy to do, but you will need a large trash bin if you plan to dispose of the old carpet properly. Laminate is also fairly easy to remove, but old tile will require some muscle power to really come free. You will need a few tools to loosen the carpet and the tile. For tile, you will need to break up the tile pieces with a sledgehammer before you can remove them. Then you will need to run a shop vacuum over the floor to thoroughly clean it. Carpet is a little easier. You will need something to pull the carpet up, and a possible razor blade to make some cuts as needed.


Refinishing furniture can be a creative method to make your home look beautiful with minimal work. Something as simple as reupholstering your couch can completely change the look of a room. You will need minimal supplies, usually a staple gun and a hammer, and the project shouldn’t last longer than a weekend. Try ordering some upholstery foam to cut costs. It looks just as nice as a normal cushion, and you can shape the foam to match what you need.

Staining is another great option, especially for wood cabinets or old doors. Remove the fixture and sand it down, then use a stain of your choice with a clean cloth to wipe away the excess.

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