Child-Proofing Your Front Doors

One of the most important things that a front door does is provide safety. While most people associate this with protection from unwanted intruders getting into your home, your front door also provides a way to stop people from getting out who need to stay inside such as toddlers who decide to take a late night stroll around the neighborhood while you are asleep.

Parents of young children understand the importance of child-proofing their home by covering light sockets, removing breakable objects from low places and more. But making sure that your front door is child-proofed is just as important. You have several options to choose from when it comes to adding safety measures for your child at your front door.

You can do something as simple as purchasing a basic hook and eye latch for your front door or gate. While these offer some level of protection to keep small children from leaving the house expectedly, but these can sometimes come open accidentally or if a small child bangs on the front door enough.

A better option is to install multiple barrel bolt locks on your front door. Three or four of these locks will make it almost impossible for a toddler to find a way to open the door. Install these so that some of them need to turn clockwise to open while others only open after being turned counterclockwise. It’s a better option than using keyed locks which can be confusing to open in case of an emergency.

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