Change Your Filter; Save Thousands of Dollars

Changing your furnace and air-conditioner filters can potentially save you thousands of dollars in cleaning, repair and healthcare costs. A dirty filter means that the clogged dirt blocks proper airflow from your furnace or air-conditioner to your air vents. This causes the fans to run doubly hard which increases wear and tear and the likelihood of having to get it repaired as well as your electricity costs since the fans are being driven harder. Also, since a clogged filter already has so much dust and pollutants stuck to it, the air that goes into your home is dirty and may contain airborne diseases. This is probably one of the main reasons for indoor dust allergies as well as the easy spread of coughs, colds and the flu. All of these will go away simply by installing a new filter which will not cost more than a few dollars and will not take more than a few minutes to install.

When it comes to choosing filters however, not all air conditioner filters and furnace filters are built the same. When it comes to trimming costs and ensuring your good health, you should stick to tried and trusted brands that have been proven to be effective for years. Getting a Honeywell furnace filter will give you peace of mind in knowing that your furnace is running optimally and the air you breathe in is safe and free from any harmful bacteria or viruses. Clean air is essential for a fine home.

Article submitted by Your Filter Connection. Your Filter Connection is a leading online source of excellent replacement Honeywell air filter among other quality brands.