A New Take on a Golden Oldie: Combining Frosted and Clear Glass

A New Take on a Golden Oldie: Combining Frosted and Clear Glass

If you scroll through home design blogs nowadays, there are all kinds of enviable and trendy changes that feel out-of-reach unless you happen to be a millionaire who is building a home from scratch. Even choosing new windows and doors for your current home can be costly and require substantial extra labor. While the natural, unfrosted glass installed in most or all of your windows may seem tame, recent aesthetic innovations have brought in new, lower-impact options that allow you to shape your home with ease.

Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass has a fantastical look that obscures the view from outside into the home. It is good for security, but should be used sparingly to keep the home from feeling like a bubble. Foyers are intended to bring light into the entryway of the home, and frosted glass complements modern styles. It is best suited to windows in rooms that need privacy such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Shower doors also benefit from this treatment because frosted panes do not show hard water deposits as well as clear panes.

Clear Glass

As frosted glass becomes more popular, it has allowed clear glass to be used in a more nuanced way. Clear glass lets in the most direct sunlight, allowing an unaltered view of your property from indoors, and clarity of vision indoors. This is perfect for homes with open layouts or a lot of natural elements indoors such as plants, hardwood flooring, or large wood furniture. Artists and computer geeks alike can benefit from unfiltered daylight, putting less strain on their eyes.

Modern Mixing

Even better, there are now fewer obstacles to bringing frosted glass into play in your home design. A specialized kind of film has been developed that gives windows a frosted look, applied in sheets similar to how tint is applied to car windows. This new accessibility has led to a boom in unique window treatments that can change an entire room. Recent trends include applying an un-bordered swath of this film across the bottom half or third of a large window to offer a degree of privacy without completely eliminating access to natural light.

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