A Guide to Driveway Gates

A Guide to Driveway Gates

Most homeowners want their home to be as unique as possible so it makes perfect sense to start with the area of your home that people see first which is the beginning of the driveway. Wrought iron driveway gates are a great way to finish off your driveway as well as give it the wow factor.

Besides enhancing the look of your home, driveway gates are also used for privacy and security. If you have a driveway gate that extends the length of your yard using railing, may be a great comfort in knowing your home is secure especially if you live in an area of high traffic. A driveway gate can also be a great deterrent for animals entering your yard.

The wrought iron gates of today have options for power coating so they may be rust resistant. If you have fencing up already or pedestrian gates or an access control system, you can match your wrought iron gate with these other fence types.

You may want to install an automatic gate opener to give your home that trendy look. Not to mention it saves time from you having to go open the gate, get back in the car, drive to the gate, get out of your car to close the gate and then get back into your car.

When selecting a driveway gate, you can choose from an electric gate or a sliding gate. Sliding gates tend to swing outwards and sliding gates run the length of the opening. When choosing an electric gate, you would have several options to choose from for your controller such as wired keypads, wireless keypads, key card operated controller, remote or telephone operator controllers or keypad with intercom.

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