Upgrade Your Office with Wood Interior Doors

Nowadays, your office says a great deal about your company. That’s why more offices are considering an upgrade to solid wood doors to act as separators. Wood doors offer several improvements over the hum-drum fiberglass or cheaper cork doors. For one, wood doors offer a great deal of sound insulation. That’s especially useful for conference calls, and in a sales-heavy company that generates a lot of sound. Find out why more offices are transitioning to wood doors.


Wooden interior doors offer a style that can’t be matched by the usual painted cork door so common in lower-quality rental offices. The knots and grain patterns in the wood are what provide that unique feel, but the thickness of the door provides some heft to it too. Plus, high-quality wood is great at resisting cracking or warping.

Solid wood interior doors typically refer to solid core. You can order both solid core and hollow core, with hollow core typically providing the most basic functions of a door. People opt for solid core because of the insulation, but they can also be an important measure in fire safety too.

Pre Hung Doors

Whichever kind of door you buy, pre-hung doors are what you want shipped to you. Pre-hung doors are easy to measure for (simply measure the outside of the frame, and the width of the jamb), and most people can install one themselves. Just be aware that most pre-hung doors ship unfinished. If you’re upgrading your office, not your home office, contractors should be able to handle all of that prep work off site.

Bio: ETO Doors offers sustainably sourced wood doors from our Los Angeles, Las Vegas or New York showrooms.