Top Ways to Rethink Your Front Entrance

Top Ways to Rethink Your Front Entrance

Walking through a residential area, you might notice that the front door of a home is somewhat of a focal point for the entire property, from the color of the door to the type of style. However, certain homes lack the visual impact because their front door is just, for lack of a better works, bland.

Entry doors can say a lot about a home. They can even say a lot about the owner too. An impactful door will spark the passerby’s curiosity into wondering what’s on the other side.

Make a Statement

Your main entrance plays an important role in making a personal statement. Remember, just because your door comes pre-finished from the factories doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way. Take some time to look at color schemes. What do you want your front door to say about you? Maybe you’re an introvert and prefer it to be on a more naturally blended color way. Or, maybe you appreciate the boldness of colors and want to paint it fiery red. Ultimately, the decision is on you, and if your community allows you to alter it.

Take Advantage of the Flexibility of Wood Doors

A wood door is an amazing material choice for your home. It looks great with practically any home, and it’s durable enough to last years on end. Now, if you really want to make your home stand out, go the extra mile and re-stain it, or even repaint it.

Most doors come stained already. However, if you plan on re-staining it, you can make it look even better then when it was first installed. Natural wood-looking finishes really stand out and can add a unique touch to your front entryway. By treating your wood the way it was meant to be treated, you could have a real character aspect on your hands.

Accentuate Your Entryway

Your home’s entryway should play a pivotal role in your exterior design. Accessorize your entryway with window coverings, door handles, lighting fixtures, or even some welcome mats. Doing so will add to the visual effect of your door. You can also do the same with the exterior doors that lead to your backyard as well, although you might not want to overdo it, or else your home will look it has two front entryways.

Most importantly, when you’re creating your front door, don’t do it purely for the “wow” factor. Base your design around what makes you happy and is a solid representative of your personality.

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