Top Reasons to Replace Bedding in Your Boat

Top Reasons to Replace Bedding in Your Boat

Written by: The Foam Factory

If you haven’t ordered a boat mattress replacement in the past ten years, there are a few reasons why you might want to consider the upgrade now. A lot has changed in the past decade: memory foam has become a lot more affordable, and there has been a steady push for organic bedding. Whether you live on your boat, or you just enjoy taking it out on weekends, upgrading the bedding is a major benefit that will make every voyage that much more enjoyable.


Your old boat mattress might contain chemicals that are toxic to you or your family. Companies use chemicals to help prevent fires from catching, but this has the downside of affecting your respiratory system. Especially if you use the bedding for several years. Replacing that bedding will reduce the toxic chemicals in the air, which will help you sleep better.

In addition, this type of bedding usually consists of open cells. Those cells reduce the chances of water and moisture buildup, which means your bed won’t become a haven for germs and bacteria.


If your bedding is old, the foam might not be designed for flotation purposes. You never want to think about a shipwreck, but it’s crucial to remain prepared for one. Today’s foam inserts are the same as what you might in find life jackets or airline seats. As a result, this bedding can float in an emergency.

Final Thoughts

While the costs to replace bedding might seem high, you can save a great deal if you just order directly from a foam manufacturer. In fact, you can get custom-cut memory foam bedding for the cost of one designer cushion in many cases.

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