Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Home maintenance is not a particularly challenging task in most cases, but little issues creep up constantly. Without a good toolset close at hand, you are ill-equipped to deal with these problems as they occur. Because maintenance costs can quickly add up, grab a Kawasaki cordless drill and your tool belt to see if there are any new additions that you are missing.


You need a place to put everything, and toolboxes are handy for portability too. Many home owners use a tool rack, but find this impractical when it comes time to actually work. Whichever method you choose, be sure to group similar tools together.

Grips and Pliers

Pliers are crucial tools for home ownership with a plethora of uses. You would also benefit from keeping a vice grip in the garage, and adjustable grips and ties that you can use for whatever you need. Try using zip-ties to hold the wires of your entertainment center together.


A good measuring tape is invaluable to any homeowner, and should be one of the first pieces of equipment you reach for before you begin work on the home. Invest in something that will last, and something that measures in terms you are familiar with.


In addition to your power drill, purchase a Kawasaki drill battery so you can continue work when your first battery dies. The last thing you want to do is interrupt your own flow. If you can find a charging base for the other battery, you can charge while you work.

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