The Top 3 Bedding Designers

By Stephanie Lichtenstein Ramos

When it comes to the mandatory components of your home, like most people, you probably demand the best. So you want the best silverware and plate ware, you want the best cars, heck, you probably even want the best dogs. So it’s no surprise that in your bedroom, you’d want the best in bedding too. For most people, this means designer bedding.

However, with hundreds of different designers to choose from in this regard, it can be tough knowing which one is worth spending money on. So let’s take a look at the three people seem to agree are the best.

First, there is Vera Wang. Many of you may know about this fashion designer as the woman who makes bridal dresses for all the top celebrities. Well, she makes bedding too and it also doesn’t disappoint.

Second, there is Nautica. While you may be more familiar with the clothing this company makes, their bedding is equally amazing too. Every component color coordinates very well.

Lastly, Perry Ellis is a great choice for bedding that is as comfortable as it is classy. No one regrets a Perry Ellis set.


If your home is your castle, than the bedroom must be the throne room. It’s easily one of the most important rooms in the house and for good reason. Perhaps the defining piece of furniture in that room is your bed. So when you want the best for it, head over to BeddingStyle where you can find everything from quilts to modern examples.