The Air Hoist: The “Sort of” Powered Tool

While there are many fine electric hoists available in today’s market, with the reliable CM hoist as a perfect example, we may find ourselves in situations where ample power isn’t readily available or even wanted. Especially in the oil and gas industry, where extra electric power may be frowned upon, an alternate type of non-manual hoist may be desired. And as time goes on, these alternate types of hoists are beginning to be used in both the maritime and construction industries. Let it be said that the air hoist is a fully functioning member of the hoist family.

Based through the use of air compressors and hydraulics, the air hoist is, in some ways, beginning to surpass it’s electric brothers due to their versatility, durability, and probably the most important of features, their track record for safety. Yet as different as the air hoist can be when compared to the inner working or physics of others, they can perform most of the same tasks to produce similar results. And while the air hoist could never entirely replace the need for electric or manual hoists, right tool for the right job and so on, it nonetheless can produce some amazing results using the most common of mediums, the very air we breathe.

The air hoist is yet another option available in the constant strive to produce better and reliable construction tools and devices. While not commonly seen in construction sites, it is beginning to rise in popularity for some of the qualities previously mentioned. The modern air hoist remains a burgeoning versatile tool for a versatile age. 

This information has been graciously provided by the fine folks at Hoists Direct Inc., distributers of electric hoists and other products to suit your construction needs. 

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