The Advantages of Acoustically Treating Your Home Studio

The-Advantages-of-Acoustically-Treating-Your-Home-StudioWritten by: Foam Factory, Inc.

So, you’ve created the home studio of your dreams. Your mic’s, monitors, and amplifiers are all set up and you’re raring to go. The only thing is, you’re missing one of the most important aspects of your recording room, and that is your room’s acoustics.

If you’re debating whether or not you need acoustic treatment inside your studio, you should take a long hard look at what benefits you’re going to miss out on without it. First of all, if you’ve built a studio at home, you’re going to need to make sure it’s in a comfortable tracking environment. Certain additions like acoustic foam panels and diffusers help enhance the quality of your recording.

A good indicator of whether or not your room is adequate for recording in is by checking the quality of your recording. It shouldn’t pick up the sounds that are bouncing off the walls or be distorting the clarity of it as well.

There are numerous products that you can add to improve sound clarity. Sound proofing foam is one option that you have, as it enhances the reflected sounds and ambience within your studio. It doesn’t necessarily keep sound in and out of your room but rather provides sound-isolation properties.

Acoustic foam is ideal for sound absorption. It helps minimize the surrounding noise to provide quality recordings. For instance, an open room isn’t an ideal setting to work with primarily because sound is bouncing around everywhere and your microphone is going to pick up the straggling noises. By creating an accurate monitoring environment, your recordings will sound great wherever they are played.