Taking care of your car at home

Written by Toolsmith Direct

While fixing the engine of your car might not be your forte, doing maintenance checks every now and then might not be out of your reach. As a DIYer, you want to be able to asses any issues you are having with your car. This starts by lifting your car.

Traditional car jacks

These are also called portable car jacks, these jacks are operated manually. This does not require as much effort to operate, if you consider a car weighs more than 1 ton. These are usually the ones you carry around in your trunk. They get the work done, but are not ideal if you want to quickly lift your car.

Powerbuilt jacks

There are two types of these jacks. Manual and automatic. The manual one works in a similar fashion as the traditional car jack. The only difference being that it’s made to be portable. The size gain translates to an easier to operate jack. Automatic jacks operate at the touch of a button. Several designs exist, but one of the most popular ones uses air compressed in a bottle. When released, this air then powers the machinery, in turn lifting the car.

Jack stand

A jack stand is a rather simplistic stand, designed to withstand heavy weights. Since they have no machinery, these are generally less expensive than car jacks. Therefore, they are great to have around. After lifting your car, you can safely place your jack stands and start working under your car.

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