Six tips for choosing a consultant

Six tips for choosing a consultant

Construction consultants are vital to ensuring a project progresses as planned. Here are some tips on how to select the right consultant for you.

The reason for hiring – A clear job description for your construction consultant will help the construction consulting firm, the HR department and the rest of the project team know what the consultant will handle. It is also a good starting point for all involved in the interviewing and selection process as it will provide direction and guidance for hiring the right candidate.

Experience and relevance – It is important that the consultant you choose has industry experience as this will play a role in steering the project in the right direction. For construction companies looking for a consultant to maintain industry standards, clarify if the consultant has relevant experience with each standard to be implemented.

Establish rapport – A few face to face meetings with key management personnel and the project team is crucial to build mutual trust and establish rapport.

Understand their approach – It is important that you speak to your consultant and clarify the approach they intend to use for your particular project. Clarification will help all parties work effectively and reduce confusion.

Cost and contract – Cost is also an important factor when selecting a consultant. If an experienced consultant is above the allocated budget, look at shortening the contract time while reaching similar results.

References and case studies – A good consultant must offer reputable references plus case studies that relate to your project and situation.

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