Rustic Door Accessories

Rustic decor tends to attract warmth and feelings of comfort right from the front door. If your home has an overall rustic appearance, adding these details to your door will add to the comfortable appearance of your home. Start the makeover by painting the door in a rustic color like gray reddish-brown. Then work on other aspects of the home, such as the door.

Hardware as a rustic accessory

Add a smooth black handle, hinges, and (if you like) a peephole. Modern doors often have brass or nickel-plated hardware–this isn’t rustic! Use wrought iron or flat black painted hardware in combination with the door paint colors to make your door beautifully rustic. You can also use 180 grit sandpaper to distress the door and give a worn, well-loved appearance.

Wreaths or varnished plaques

A door wreath is one of the easiest ways to add a rustic feel. Make your own from sticks, pine cones, or weave fresh or dried flowers into the design. All materials used must be natural–don’t use silk flowers, for instance. It’s easy to make your own with art glue and a circular frame. Use wire coat hangers from the dry cleaners for a no-cost frame. Change the wreath with the seasons. Children love to make wreaths, and their art work will welcome visitors to your home.

Plaques can also add a rustic appeal to the door. Buy a wooden plaque at a local crafts fair or make your own. Carve a natural image or name, then use light varnish to coat. Affix a hanger to the back of the plaque and use it as a perfect rustic door accessory.

Source: ETO Doors is one of the few companies to achieve certification from the Forest Stewardship Council. ETO Doors is based out of Los Angeles, and employs experts in door hanging and hardware. Read ETO Doors reviews online or visit their Web showroom.