Proper Care for Bedding

Proper Care for Bedding

When your sheets need cleaning, are you following the proper procedures? If you aren’t washing you fabrics just right, you might fade their colors or damage the threading that keeps the sheets together. Most pieces of bedding come with care instructions, but if you’ve lost those there are some general rules that may still help you. If you need to care for your linens, here are some general tips that will help you care for them properly.

Tips on Cleaning

Try to keep the temperature of the water below 104 degrees to avoid fading colors, especially when you’re washing tropical bedding or other sets with patterns. Cool or lukewarm will do in most cases. Sheets also don’t get all that dirty, so the “gentle” cycle is typically good enough for most jobs. You will probably want to use less detergent than you normally would, and try to use an “extra rinse” cycle if available to make sure you’ve washed out all the residue.


Drying Tips

Try to time your dryer cycle to finish just as the bedding becomes dry. This helps prevent wrinkles caused by over drying, especially when you fold the bedding immediately after drying it. If wrinkles did happen to set in the fabric, you can toss the sheets back into the dryer for a few minutes with a wet towel. The dampness will help to dry the fabrics and make them smooth again.

Final Thoughtsvera-wang-simplicity-sheets_l

With proper care, most designer bedding will last well into your life time. Also, try to change your sheets at least once a week, especially as seasons change. The fresh bedding will help you sleep better, and adapt to climates.


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