Mattress Buying Guide for Newlyweds

Mattress Buying Guide for Newlyweds

Written by: The Foam Factory, Inc.

This buying guide will help newlyweds find the mattress of their dreams.

When you’re a newlywed, buying a bed is something truly special. It’s where you’ll share nights together, but both of you also have to be able to sleep. That’s the hard part, as your body might have different needs than those of your mate. If one of you is heavier, or if the female partner is very curvy, these can present problems shopping for the right mattress. If you want to upgrade to a memory foam bed, this guide will help.

Natural Materials

Lately, there has been a push to inform people of the benefits to buying a natural latex mattress. This type of foam doesn’t degrade much over time, and it’s anti-microbial so it protects from allergens. If you want to upgrade to a queen size memory foam mattress, natural latex is one of your best options. It also conforms well to the body, so it cradles you while you sleep.

The one potential negative might be body heat, as some foam mattresses insulate rather than breathe.

Getting Comfortable

Many people like to opt for a hybrid setup, where you use a combination of a spring mattress and memory foam bed toppers. You can order specific densities too, which is great for those preferring a harder or softer surface to sleep on.

Remember, you can take other steps to combat body heat build up, such as increasing the air conditioning in your room or buying thinner sheets and quilts.

Final Thoughts

Get a good bed frame that will last many years. Something made of wood, or very solid metal. This will help avoid creaking while you sleep.