How to Purchase Luxury Bedding

Written by Stephanie Lichtenstein Ramos

Consumers think they are getting a great bargain when they buy low quality king comforter sets. The price looks right, and at first glance, the material often looks like it’s decent quality. What you find is that these fabrics don’t stand up to many washes. These covers tend to wear out faster, and their threads tend to rip too. But luxury bedding does carry a hefty price tag. The question you have to ask yourself is whether you can find a style you like at a good price.

Look at cotton. One has the choice to buy 100% cotton, or sheets with other fibers mixed in with the cotton for a lower price. 100% cotton will be more breathable, and will last longer. Learning the benefits of buying and maintaining luxury bedding sets will protect the investment you make for years to come.


The kind of fabric you use will make a big difference in quality. High-quality fabric typically has a higher thread count, which makes it very soft to the touch. These fabrics also use material that is breathable, to help control temperature while you sleep. The online bedding retailer Bedding Style recommends that you opt for 100% cotton, linen or bamboo for the best quality. Each has its own benefits.

Cotton, for instance, is most breathable and easy to wash. Linen actually gets better the more times you wash it, so you can pass it down to your kids after many years of use. Bamboo is considered the most eco-friendly of all of the choices, and it’s hypoallergenic too.

Thread Count

Tommy Bahama bedding has a good thread count that feels soft to the touch. Higher thread counts usually mean a higher quality, so it’s recommended that you start at 200 threads and work your way up. By the time you reach the 300s, you should notice a significant difference in the feel of 200 to 300 thread sheets.


You should wash your sheets at least once a week, taking care to follow the instructions printed on the label of the bedding. Most bedding is perfectly fine if you wash it with warm water and a mild detergent, but the instructions may ask for special care like dry cleaning. Cotton sheets can usually tumble dry, but don’t use linens in the washing machine. Hand wash linens for the best results, otherwise you risk damaging the material.