How to Maintain Your Leather Furniture

How to Maintain Your Leather Furniture

Summary: Leather furniture requires occasional maintenance. Here are some tips on how to keep your pieces looking clean and brand-new.

Owning a luxurious leather couch from a luxury company can be a huge expense. It only makes sense that you prolong its life for as long as you possible can. Of course, wear and tear is inevitable, but ideally leather will age after a period of time. The best way to think of your leather is compare it to your skin. You’d want to keep your skin clean and well taken care of at all times to avoid cracking. General leather is a natural and breathable material that changes over time. It requires you to care for it on a regular basis to look its best.

Basic Maintenance

The only regular maintenance that your leather chairs and sofas need is a good dusting every once in a while and some leather cream that keeps the material moisturized and soft. If you’re looking to keep it clean and free of dirt and grime, there are some tips that can help you accomplish this.

If you want to tackle mild stains, take a damp washcloth and use warm, soapy water. Wipe the stain gently and avoid rubbing over it multiple times as it can damage the leather. You can also use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to rid of stains, although you’ll want to apply it directly to the stain so the alcohol doesn’t spread to other areas.

How to Avoid Cracks and Damage

Leather furniture is not only durable but it’s supposed to look lived-in and worn to an extent. Rather than trying to cover and seal the surface with a coating, you can try and use dyes and waxes into the leather instead. As a result, the leather develops a rich patina over time and when it does start to wear, it’ll look feasible as opposed to a cracking mess. Remember, the key to caring for your leather couches and chairs is to perform routine maintenance.

On occasion, ambient conditions will lead to leather cracking and tearing. Extreme temperatures and a lack of moisture can dry out the leather and lead to a shorter shelf life. Try to avoid placing them under an air-conditioning vent or next to a radiator. Sunlight can also have this effect as well, so it’s best to avoid putting your leather furniture next to window or a glass door. You can also use hand light-blocking curtains to prevent the sun from damaging your furniture. Be sure to place it in a location that you feel is ideal for design purposes and for longevity.

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