How to Fix those Nagging Door Issues

How to Fix those Nagging Door Issues

Some of the most common, and frustrating, problems that many homeowners deal with are malfunctioning doors. Issues with sticking, squeaking, opening and closing can drive someone absolutely crazy – especially because these problems occur several times during the day. Door repair isn’t always a straightforward process that can be easily repaired. However, it isn’t entirely difficult either. If you’re tired of your doors causing you headaches, here are some tips that may help you with your repairs.


Occasionally, you’ll see a door sag under its own weight and sort of bind to the doorframe. It’s important that this issue is corrected immediately as it will worsen further over time until it becomes unusable.

A solution to this is to replace the screws from the upper hinge with three-inch decking screws. Tighten them to a certain degree as too much pressure will distort the door’s swinging motion.

Sticking or Swelling

Temperature changes along with varying humidity levels can cause a door to swell and subsequently stick to the frame. Ideally, when the door becomes unbearably bad, you can sand down the portion of the door that’s sticking and follow it up by sealing it with varnish. Be sure that you apply the varnish to the sanded area because without it, it will only build up even more moisture and cause significantly more damage.

Seeking Out a Professional

If you believe your door to be beyond repair, consult with a handyman for a second opinion. There are times where they can repair it back to its initial state without encountering any issues. This option works if you’re not the do-it-yourself type or simply do not have the time to repair your doors.

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