How to deal with construction projects and claims management

Written by Lyle Charles

Construction projects can have two outcomes. The first is a smooth-sailing project that gets completed according to schedule. The second is a delayed project that may very well be over budget and with a potential breach of contract making either one of the parties liable. To make sure that your interests are protected and that all possible problem areas are covered, construction consultingis a very important and indispensable step when it comes to having a construction project whether it be for building a house or a building. With that said, a construction project must always be based on a sound and fair contract with all the terms and conditions that tackles the construction period, mode of payment, the amount of liquidated damages or a penal clause, a clearly-defined work schedule, as well as the agreed upon project cost. Any breach of contract always involves a claim for damages, so it’s very important that you should have all your bases covered whenever this situation presents itself. We won’t lie to you, this can become very bloody – in the sense that conflicting claims will ultimately result in either a extrajudicial settlement or a judicial settlement award. This can drag on for years if nobody tries to expedite it. So before you end up spending hundreds and thousands of dollars in legal fees and costs of litigation, make sure that you get to cross all the T’s and dot all it I’s before you commit to any project with any business partner.


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