How to Become a Professional Construction Mediator

How to Become a Professional Construction Mediator

When construction delay claims arise, companies need someone to try and help resolve the claim as quickly as possible. This person is in charge of claim preparation, and usually requires some certifications by the state in order to do their job. A good claims mediator has a strong working knowledge of construction law, but isn’t necessarily an attorney. Here are the steps one needs to take to become a certified claims manager.

Get Certified

One thing you’ll notice about construction consulting services: they come with a great deal of certifications. Certifications demonstrate your knowledge in a particular aspect the employer may be interested in, such as private mediation or injury claims. Some other specialties include communicating with management and dispute resolution. Mediation requires more than patience, it requires effectively brainstorming results that are mutually acceptable.


Another route into mediation is through specializing. Becoming a construction expert witness, for example, opens doors to cases where mediation might be required. You can also specialize in structural steel, an integral part of any construction project. Specializing allows you to build your business so you have time to search for the kinds of mediation cases you want.

Final Thoughts

Mediation is a lucrative profession, but it requires a solid background in construction before you pursue it seriously. You’ll find more jobs will come your way if you have a history of working within the industry. If you’re young, don’t panic if you can’t immediately find work in this industry. Focus on other aspects, such as project management, in order to gain the knowledge and connections you need to succeed.

Bio: Lyle Charles Consulting has more than 40 years in commercial construction delay claims. To learn more about claims management, contact Lyle Charles.