Foam is Your Best Option for Revamping that Couch


No one likes having to get rid of furniture for some small reason. For one thing, our furniture tends to grow on us over time, making it hard to say goodbye. But the other reason is the hassle that goes into the whole process. You need to move one piece out, shop for another that will work, weigh your options and then move that one in. fortunately, a company called The Foam Factory has the solution you need.

It’s easy, actually. Just use cushion foam for that couch, sofa, loveseat or chair you’re thinking has seen better days. The replacement process is incredibly simple and it will leave you with a piece of furniture you’ll enjoy even more than the original.

Why? For one, chances are foam was more affordable than your original material. Second, it’s going to be far more comfortable too. Third, it’s more resilient, meaning you’ll get more years of life out of it. Obviously, this goes a long way in making it more affordable too—you get more bang for your buck.

Once you find out how great foam is, there’s a good chance it’s all you’ll use. Sooner or later, your whole home will be foam cushioning!


At The Foam Factory, you’ll find every type of comfortable cushion you can imagine and then some. Whether you need custom foam cushions for your RV, cushion foam for your living room or you want outdoor foam that will fight off the elements, this store is the place for you.