Electric Radiant Heating and Its Many Benefits

With the cold season upon us, it’s crucial to think about how to keep you and your family warm while at home.  While we can’t control the freezing weather outside, we can control the temperature of our homes.  There are various heating options to choose from, but without a doubt, the superior way is to install electric radiant heating.  Believe it or not, subfloor heating has been around for centuries.  The early Romans and Turks used similar systems under tile and stone in an attempt to heat their baths.

Radiant floor heating is considered by many to be the best type of heating system available today.  There are a number of reasons for this.  These heating systems are comfortable, energy efficient, and they don’t make a peep.  Another amazing advantage of radiant floor heating over traditional heating systems is that they don’t create dust or blow it around.  Therefore, these systems are the best heating systems for those with allergies.

Many traditional heater systems often overheat the perimeter of a room.  Not only is this wasteful as far as the use of energy goes, but it can also create uneven heating.  Often times, cold objects draw heat away from the people in the room which can leave many feeling cold.  Traditional heaters also cycle on and off which can leave you feeling too hot or too cold.  These systems also lead to dry air in the home which can contribute to allergies and nasal issues.

Floor heating on the other hand is incredibly efficient as the heat comes from the floor and rises up.  Floor heat can even help to warm the furniture and various surfaces of a room which can keep you feeling warmer.  Tile floor heating helps to eliminate warm air “leaking” out of the doors and windows and therefore saves you money on your energy bill.  Therefore, these floor heating systems can actually save you money in the long run!

Electric radiant floors are usually best in small areas such as the kitchen or bathroom.  It’s a good idea to choose an easily programmed thermostat that can help regular the air and floor temperature simultaneously.  This can help you to keep your house warm in a cost and energy efficient manner.

An added benefit of radiant floor heat is that it is a fairly simple DIY project.  Floor heating doesn’t have to be installed by a professional and it can be installed at any time.  This isn’t the type of project that has to commence prior to house construction.


Guest post is provided by EZ Floor Heat, a leading distributor and installer of electric floor heat.  For more information, make sure to check out their website.