Electric Fences for Dog Training

Written by Farm Supply Store


When choosing an electric fencing for dog training, it is important that the correct size be chosen depending on your application. The electric fence should have enough power charge in order to ensure that the system would be able to operate under the worst conditions.


Usually warmer weathers bring bring poor electric fence conditions as this is the time of the year where plants grow the most. You might also want to ensure that the ground system is complete as several cases of fence failures often arise by faulty grounds on improper maintenance and the electric fence installation.


Lead, ground and fence connections and spliced should be correctly connected to ensure effective results. Correct grounding rod clamps, connectors and crimps should also be used to ensure that metal surfaces gain the proper contact. When wire needs to travel under the ground in cases of lead out wires and gates, they would need to be properly rates (with a least 20 000 volts) underground wire. Standard extension cord wire are by comparison significantly lower of about 600 to 700 volts.


Jason Governo has acquired experience helping customers to make the right fencing choice. The training of your dogs to get used to the electric fence is important especially if this is the pet’s first experience with such a fence. It is also important not to leave your animals unsupervised before they get to be fully aware of the fence.


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