Door Knockers Spruce up Front Doors

You don’t have to install a new front door or apply a new coat of stain or paint in order to spruce up the look of your front door. You can give your entryway a bold new look simply by replacing or adding new hardware to your door. One of the easiest ways to do this to add a decorative and attractive door knocker to your front door.

Door knockers have been a part of homes dating back to the Middle Ages, but truly became decorative pieces during the Renaissance, when door knockers became more ornate. With almost every home having doorbells, door knockers are less functional items used to announce someone’s arrival at a house and are more ornamental fixtures that bring a level of antiquity and class to any front door.

There is a wide variety of door knockers to choose from, so the options are truly only limited by your imagination. You’ll want to consider the look and design of your current front entryway and try to pair your new door knocker to it.

For example, if you have a classic wooden front door, you’ll want to consider a traditional door knocker with a single shape for a design. If you have a larger or more ornate door, you may want to upgrade to a more stylized door knocker design. This can include knockers in the shape of dragons, lions and flowers or knockers made from more expensive metals. No matter which type of design you choose, you’ll likely find that door knockers are easy to install and instantly change the look of your front entryway.

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