DIY Pointers: High-Tech, Low-Tech, and No-Tech Ways to Cut Foam

DIY Pointers: High-Tech, Low-Tech, and No-Tech Ways to Cut Foam

Unfortunately, DIY instructions often make up for in enthusiasm what they lack in specificity and this can result in frustrating setbacks and wasted materials. If you are stuck, here’s a quick cheat sheet about different ways to cut foam.


If you want to buy specialized machinery, foam cutting saws are balanced perfectly for cutting foam. They are the safest and most consistent option, and may be worth the somewhat hefty investment of $150-$400+ if you plan to do foam projects with regularity. If you are only planning to cut large foam once, such as a memory foam mattress, Canada Foam by Mail offers custom cutting that could prevent the need for such heavy-duty machinery.


For a more low-tech solution that will be easier on your pocket book, try an electric knife. These can cut through mid-weight and mid-size foams with relative ease, perfect for things like upholstery foam. Canada Foam by Mail can also accept custom cutting orders for smaller pieces of foam if the shape you need is too complex or detailed for an electric knife.


If you are using a simple box cutter or knife, do not make repetitive slicing motions. These can put you in danger and waste valuable materials. Instead, start at an outside edge and then press down to cut. Most foam will part easily, but it is still a time-consuming process. Scraps can be used for almost anything, from beanbags to dog beds. Canada Foam by Mail sells scrap foam online and can prevent hours of difficulty shredding foam on your own.

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