Construction safety and health standards

Written by Lyle Charles

The problem with the construction industry is that you are faced with a very strict deadline that you have to meet. In most cases, construction projects are evidenced by a contract or memorandum of agreement wherein any delay in construction beyond the stipulated completion date would result in liquidated damages. In other words, apart from construction delay claims, you would also have to pay damages stipulated in the penal clause. So how does one strike a balance between construction safety and health standards while at the same time ensuring that no delays occur? The answer, actually, is quite simple. You just need to have proper skills and training instilled in all your employees to ensure that they are always aware and vigilant of their own and their workmate’s safety. Safety officers as well as on-site medical personnel would also be welcome in case any work-related injuries occur. With that said, countries around the world have laws ensuring minimum safety standards are observed. At the same time, there are international bodies like the ISO that ensures that any business certified by them adhere to world-class standards as well. As a construction firm that’s engaged in construction work, health hazards in this field are more real than apparent, and that’s why you need to make sure all your employees are properly trained. You also need to ensure that they wear safety gear and equipment at all times whenever necessary for the job or the conditions that they are working in.


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